A brachioplasty is upper arm skin removal via a surgical incision along the inside of the arm.  This procedure has been around for many years.   It can give excellent results if done on the right candidate.  However, the patient’s physique must be appropriate for this surgery.

Firstly, the shape of a patient’s bones and muscles are an unchangeable part of your anatomy.  The other two things to deal with in the arm are fat and skin.  The brachioplasty procedure removes skin, but due to underlying nerves and muscles, a surgeon cannot always remove much fat at the same time.  Thus the very best candidate for a brachioplasty (sometimes called the bat wing procedure) is someone who has very little fat of the upper arm and lots of hanging skin.  The very worst patient is one whose arm feels “stuffed” with fat and there is very little pinchable skin.

Sometimes the best solution is to have fat removal of the arm first via a procedure like liposuction.  This is a way to solve the fat tissue problem, leaving you and your doctor with one final issue:  how is the skin?  Did it shrink up or does some need to be cut away?  Your surgeon will help you make the right decisions for you.