Thigh Lift


Add Shape to Your Physique

You may be a candidate for thigh lift surgery if you have excess skin, and/or fat your thigh area. Sometimes exercise and weight loss efforts aren’t enough; however, thigh lift surgery reshapes and contours the thighs to give you firmer, more youthful-looking legs, proportional to your body image.

Thigh lift incisions usually are placed in the groin, extending down the leg and wrapping around the thigh. The tissue matrix beneath the skin is reshaped and tightened, while the skin is reduced creating smoother body contours.

Some patients qualify for a incision only in the groin area. This is a minimal incision medial thigh lift. More advanced techniques place the incisions in various locations in order to hide scarring in clothing and swimsuits. To improve the contours of the outer thigh, you may be required to have an incision extend from the groin around the hip.

Incisions will be extensive and you will have deep support sutures to help form the new contours of your thighs and close the skin incisions.

When the procedure is complete you may have small tubes under the skin to help with drainage of excess fluid and blood, as well as bandages wrapped around the incisions to reduce swelling. Results are visible almost immediately, but it may take several months for final results to be visible. Our bodies lose firmness as we age, it is only natural, however most of the improvement from thigh lift surgery is relatively permanent.

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