Talk about a family blessed with both natural beauty and the means to buy even more! In the age of social media, the Kardashian family has managed to become a household name and set the bar for current and highly-sought beauty and fashion.
Their changing looks and style have had a definite impact on the cosmetic surgery industry:
Cleavage-Revealing Clothing
Another celebrity-led trend: showing it all. We are seeing more of women’s breasts, and they can be many different shapes and sizes. For the most part though, the current trend with breast implant surgery is to choose sizes that are more proportionate and natural looking. A majority of our patients choose smooth, round gel implants, with an average size in the 400cc range.
High rise or Low Rise
The changing trends in fashionwear definitely have an effect on where surgeons choose to place the scars for a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). Low rise means a lower and more horizontal placement across the lower abdomen and flanks, while high rise garments might require a scar that is more U-shaped. Patient preference for Low cut versus French cut beachwear and undergarments has an impact for sure!
Luscious Lips…
….are in, too! The full and pouty look is in high demand thanks to the Kardashian crew. Young ladies are no longer afraid to give lip-plumping fillers a try. The right surgeon can make them look quite natural and flattering. One could expect to spend $800 to $1500 per year to maintain a kiss-worthy, Kardashian-resembling pout!