Preparing for your Breast Augmentation Consultation

It’s so easy to find information online nowadays that most patients come in already having done a fair amount of research on their own.

As a plastic surgeon, I appreciate it when the patient brings a picture or screenshot of “looks” that they like.  This gives me some insight into what is considered attractive to the patient.

Also, I would suggest that the potential patient spend some time in front of her mirror at home getting familiar with her body.  Sometimes people are shocked to see they have breast asymmetry. Mild scoliosis or some other skeletal unevenness affecting the breasts is quite common also. I recommend taking a bare chest “selfie.”  It allows a more objective and realistic idea of the way the breasts currently look rather than just looking in a mirror.

I also tell patients they are welcome to bring in one or two tight stretch tops, preferably solid in color, to use when trying on the implants.  Also, a shirt style they would typically wear to work can be helpful.

We look forward to helping you pick the style, shape and size that are naturally you!