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Renew Your Skin with CO2 Laser Treatments

Fall and winter are a great time to repair your skin and get back a fresh glow. I am happy to now offer laser skin resurfacing of several different types.

The Phoenix CO2 laser disburses gentle beams of infrared light. The energy is easily absorbed by our water-rich biological tissue. The laser vaporizes the top layers to improve color and places heat into our sub dermal tissue to stimulate new collagen. With this advancement in modern, medical technologies, treatments can be tailored to a patient’s specific desires and expectations.

These treatments offered by Dr. Howard can be performed on the face and body. Hands are a popular area for rejuvenation treatments. Costs range from $250 up to $3500 depending on size of areas treated. A pre-procedure skin care protocol is recommended for two to six weeks.

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I have to say a big ‘thank you!’ You gave me my confidence back. I can now look in a mirror! That is a big thing for me. I can’t thank you enough. Botox® Cosmetic Injection Patient


The DioLite™ Laser provides quick, comfortable and effective treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions. This friendly and gentle treatment is typically performed without anesthesia or pain. The DioLite™ Laser is indicated for the treatment of conditions such as facial veins, spider angiomas, cherry angiomas, port wine stains, lentigines (brown spots), dermatosis papulosis nigra, and keratoses.

The fee for DioLite™ Laser treatment is based on the number of pulses used during the treatment. Multiple treatments are usually required to totally ablate larger, recurring, or new areas. The treated area will appear dark and crusty or blistering for a few days. Swelling may occur under the eyes. Patients generally return to work after the treatment.

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