Newer types of Implants

I am currently a user of the Allergan Natrelle line of breast implants.  For many years, I and my patients have been happy using the Classic Round gels.  These implants are more cohesive than the old-style silicones and patients can feel reassured that if their implant wall were to break open, the gel inside would remain as a unit and not leak or flow.  This style of implant is very soft and natural.  The fill volume is 85% of capacity.

More recently the company has come out with two modifications.  One is the Inspira implant which is made of all the same materials but is 95% filled.  This means it feels a bit firmer but may give you more upper pole volume when you are standing with a bra for support.  This implant does cost a bit more to purchase.

In the last few months, Allergan has started offering their Cohesive Gel round implant.  Prior to this the truly Cohesive gel/Gummy Bear was only available in the tear drop shaped implant.  This implant maintains a very firm roundness and would be for the patient who seeks maximum roundness of the upper pole.  This implant is relatively costly in comparison but worth it for certain patients.

To offer you yet further options, there are implants of varying “profiles” This is a way of saying that for a certain base diameter the implants projects more away from the rib cage.  If you are totally confused, don’t worry.  Your surgeon will take measurements and help you look at all these styles for a completely custom look.