Hand Rejuvenation


Are your hands giving away your age?  As if we didn’t already have enough things to worry about!

There are several main reasons why our hands begin to look like our grandmother’s:  brown spots, visible veins, ropy and protruding tendons, and loss of volume.

The loss of volume is really what gives way to visible veins and ropy tendons.  While injectable tissue fillers are a good (though temporary) option, the favored treatment is Fat Grafting.  Fat Grafting is done by using liposuction to harvest a bit of fat from your abdomen or flanks, and reinjecting it into the tops of the hands to add back the volume.  The amount available to reinject far surpasses the amount that can be obtained from injectable filler syringes.  And using your own fat??  What a benefit!

Those pesky brown age spots can be treated with various non-invasive options, such as laser resurfacing, IPL treatments, chemical peels or bleaching creams.

For most patients, total hand rejuvenation will require a combination of office and home treatments to make aging hands look more youthful.


Before                                                                      After