Why does my skin always feel so dry?

lotionDo you feel like no matter what you do or products you use, your skin still feels dry? Following are two reasons for this.

The first is that the skin barrier has likely been damaged over time by factors such as over-processing treatments or products, age, and the environment. These things can lead to high transepidermal water loss. Make sure you do not over-exfoliate or over-expose your skin allowing its natural moisture to deplete. And of course, always protect your skin from sun and extreme temperatures with a protective moisturizing barrier.

The second is a perception issue. As we age, we tend to have less sebum on the surface skin so naturally it feels dry. The skin is more rigid and less supple because of an absence of oil production, which is meant to lubricate and form a protective barrier. Make sure you use a daily moisturizer that contains sebum supplements, such as specific esters (capric/caprylic triglyceride), so your skin will feel more lubricated, relaxed and hydrated.